Hello, I'm Ryan Mohta.
I'm an aspiring computer scientist from the Bay Area.

My programming journey started with Java in the beginning of seventh grade. As the years have passed, I have deepened my understanding of computer science and expanded my language skill set to include Java, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and Swift.

I LOVE hackathons! I have been to quite a few hackathons over the last couple of years, either as a participant or a mentor. Hackathons are one of the best opportunities for programmers to make new friends and work on a project together, all while having an AMAZING time! My teams and I have mostly built Android apps using Android Studio, although we have also created an iOS app, website, and Slack extension.

When I am not programming, I really enjoy graphic design, and design apparel, promotion pictures, and flyers for the Class of 2019 and school clubs. I also play the saxophone in my school's marching band, and run distance races on our track and field team.

Want to connect? Shoot me an email at or check out my social platforms and resume below: